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Sacrament Of Wilderness lyrics


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     Sacrament Of Wilderness
    >> Nightwish
        Naked in midwinter magic
    Lies an angel in the snow
    The frozen figure crossed by tracks of wolves
    An encounter symbolic yet truthful
    With a hungry choir of wolves
    An agreement immemorial to be born

    Dulcet elvenharps from a dryad forest
    Accompany wall the charming tunes
    Of a sacrament by a campfire
    A promise between the tameless
    And the one with a tool
    Tonight the journey from a cave begins

    I want to hunt with the tameless heart
    I want to learn the wisdom of mountains afar
    We will honor the angel in the snow
    We will make the streams for our children flow

    Wrapped in furs beneath the northern lights
    From my cave I watch the land untamed
    And wonder if some becoming season
    Will make the angel melt in shame

    I want to hunt with the tameless heart...
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